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vim-autoclose by Townk

This plugin for Vim enable an auto-close chars feature for you. For instance if you type an '(', ``autoclose`` will automatically insert a ')' and put the cursor between than.

This plugin was born as a personal need to have some little special features from other editors into my preferred one. The Eclipse IDE editor has an auto-complete for open-close pair of characters feature that I always wanted into Vim. As soon as you type a character that could have a close pair, Eclipse automatically puts its pair in front of your cursor, and if you continue to type and type the close character, Eclipse is smart enough to not insert it again (it just move your cursor one character forward). But the Eclipse editor don't stop there. If you type an "open" character on any part of your code that should not have a pair completion, it will not insert the close character for you. The AutoClose plugin is an attempt to reproduce this behavior on Vim.


Vim >= 7.0


Put the script into your $VIM/plugin directory and the documentation into $VIM/doc and type on your vim: :helptags $VIM/doc You can change $VIM to whatever place your vim can automatically read plugins and documentations like in your home vim directory.


This script is released under the Vim License


Thiago Alves (


Thiago Alves (


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